{Style} Autumn Blaze

Happy Friday ❤

fall outfit, blazer

This last weekend I received a fun pink package in the mail! It was my order from Boutique of Molly, a perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. Blazers are such a great thing to wear in a mild climate. They have the power to dress up even a casual outfit and make you look classy.

fall outfit blazer jeans

I paired it with some skinny jeans, white t-shirt, boots and the scarf I bought when I was in Scotland. I also just had found this cute winter hat at Next the day before, and couldn’t wait to wear it, so it came out to play.

autumn outfit hat scarf blazer boutique of molly

My friends and I visited The Deep on Sunday (more on that later!) and we took advantage of a little photos session.

fall outfit jeans scarf blazer boots outfit of the day

{Photos taken by OB and AC – Thanks Ladies!}

How are you staying fashionable and warm this autumn?? What are your favorite things to wear?

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