{WIR} Hull Fair

Hull Fair in England

Just for clarification – {WIR} is just the three letter acronym for Weekend In Review.

This past Friday, (as you can guess) I went to the Hull Fair. I was supposed to meet up with a friend there, but due to miscommunications, and her leaving her cell phone (or mobile) at home, we never found each other. Instead, I took the opportunity to walk around the crowds and snap some photos of all the bright lights, rides, and the ridiculous amount of Fair food.

Hustle and bustle of the Hull Fair

The mood felt a bit like you were in a trance. There is something about the bright lights and colors, all the rides, noises and loud music that make you feel you’re removed from reality. I suppose that’s what Fairs are all about. You want to escape your reality for a bit, let loose, and have fun with friends or family. All the children were wide-eyed and captivated by the amount of stimulation that is the was provided.

Roasted Chestnuts at the Fair, Hull, UK

The amount of unhealthy food was almost unimaginable. Hot dogs, pizza, chips (or for us Americans, Fries), candy and burgers. I managed to make a healthy choice. I bought a packet of roasted chestnuts and ate that while I wandered around. I think it definitely could have been worse, especially since I was surrounded by easy fast food.

Balloons at the Hull Fair

The Fair is a way you can have lots of fun, on the cheap. Granted, I did not go on any rides this year, but last year, I went on a bunch. I spent probably not more than 15 pounds, and had several hours of solid fun. There were people of all ages, walks of life and crazy personalities. I think maybe that’s the beauty of the Hull Fair. Everyone comes out to experience it, and it really shows the bustling life of the area.

Colorful ride at the Fair, Hull, UK

Texan BBQ in Hull, England

Among the many unhealthy food choices, “Texan” food was also included. I think it’s a bit of a fad here in England. There are a couple “American”-themed restaurants in Hull and they all have a bit of the Tex-Mex or Texas Roadhouse kind of vibe. I must admit, it threw me off to see the American Flag in Northern England, but hey, gotta represent!

Do you have a Fair/Carnaval type event where you live? How is it different/similar to the American or British one?

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