5 Reasons Toledo, Spain is Magical

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On my road trip through Spain, Toledo was our first stop. I didn’t realize that this city would be extremely hard to top before I arrived there. Here are a few reasons why this city was not only magical, but captured my heart.

5. The views of Toledo are out of this world.

View of Toledo #Spain #Europe #Travel #wanderlust #nomad #city

Toledo is one of those places that leaves you gasping for breath when you first get a sight of the skyline. It looks like the setting to a fairytale. It’s no wonder that many stories have been set here. Don Quijote began his adventure in Toledo… This makes sense – Toledo is the kind of city that makes you believe anything can happen.

4. The architecture and art aren’t bad either…


The old Moorish heritage of the city is in almost all the ancient architecture (including the cathedrals and old synagogue). You can see it in the arches and the intricate ceiling designs.



This particular courtyard is in the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes, a monastery built by Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand to honor the birth of their son, Juan, and to commemorate a recent battle. These buildings are laden with Catholic motifs, including a “Garden of Eden” in the middle of their courtyard. Each corner has some beautiful stonework highlighting scenes from the Bible.



{Each church you walk into is better than the next…}


{The artists didn’t spare any detail for the glory of God}



3. Speaking of religious experiences… The coffee and desserts are divine.


Can you actually go to a Spanish city without trying out all of their cafes? Spain is a café-centric culture. During the afternoon, it is sacrilege to not have a coffee and pastry. This is the way people connect with their friends. There is no fast-paced coffee culture in Spain, like there is in America. Once in a while, we will go to Starbucks to meet with a friend, but mostly, our cafes are in and out, or drive-thru. In Toledo, you sip, converse, and take in your incredible surroundings.


{Don’t forget to try the Marzipan, the local (delicious) pastry made of almonds}

2. You want to get lost in its streets.


I think the thing that attracts me so much to Europe, after living in America almost all my life, are the cute city streets. I have a bit of a fascination with all the cobblestone and the narrow alleyways. Toledo has many streets to get lost in. The best part, with a plethora of cafés, cervecerias, tapas bars, and people walking around, you never actually feel lost, even if you are.




1. You lose your egocentrism quickly.


Remember the last time when something so beautiful made you question your existence? Walking through the streets of Toledo made me feel so small. Not in a negative way. I was one small person walking through these ancient streets. Billions of people have stepped on those same cobblestones. Each corner had a secret. These streets tell many stories: kings paraded through them, artists were inspired by them, the children of the ages played on them, women cried in them, and then there was little me. Little me who is still trying to figure out her place in history. One thing I will always share with those predecessors: our footprints have been left in the same place.

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