{Style} Grab a Brolly

red umbrella

{Photo by Gabriel Santiago}

I visited London for the first time in 2009. The first thing I did after stepping off the train was get soaked. Once I realized it was indeed pouring, the next thing I did was buy myself an umbrella (featured in the photo below with my friend Sophie). As excited as I was to be in London and seeing all the amazing sites, I couldn’t quite shake off the feeling of being damp. I was drenched in water from head to toe (consequently, that was also the weekend I figured out my boots were not waterproof).

I cannot express to you how important a “Brolly”, or umbrella, is here. Especially in the North. Living by the sea means that you have to dress smart. You can buy an adorable printed little parasol but it won’t help you stay dry in England. When you buy an umbrella in Colorado, it lasts your entire lifetime and it could be very cute and tiny. In England, the umbrellas that you have to consider are more practical. The more entombed you are in your umbrella, the better the umbrella is. I highly recommend the clear domed umbrellas. You will understand once the winds and the rain start attacking you.
london2{as cute as these Umbrellas were, mine didn’t last very long…}
Torrential rain is something I have never seen before in Colorado. Mind you, we typically get 300 days of sun a year. However, if it does happen to rain, it will pour for an afternoon, and next day, everything is green and fresh and smells wonderful. In Hull, when it starts raining it comes down in sheets. The wind definitely doesn’t help the situation whatsoever. If you have a wimpy umbrella, it will break with the strong winds.
Here are some stylish yet practical Brolly options:

One thought on “{Style} Grab a Brolly

  1. I’ve been visinting England for two times and never had to use an umbrella there… I’m still awaiting my moment to feel the rain soaking my feet. Next month I will back to the north of England to try it again. The third time lucky! I hope… 😉


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