2015 Reflections

Positivity goes a long way in making wonderful memories.  I learned this in 2014. On New Years Eve of 2013, I promised myself that this next year would be the best. 2014 was so amazing. It was off to a rough start, but I landed a job that I loved in the Spring, moved halfway … More 2015 Reflections

Hungry? 5 Restaurants You Should NOT Miss in Edinburgh

Scotland is known to many foreigners the land of Bagpipes and Kilts (and apparently, Unicorns). However, after traveling to the country’s capital, Edinburgh a few weeks back, it became obvious that there is a lot more to Scotland than just those glorious accents and wool scarves. Edinburgh (pronounced “Eh-din-brah” to those of us who call … More Hungry? 5 Restaurants You Should NOT Miss in Edinburgh

Autumn in Edinburgh

My first encounter with Edinburgh was March of this year when my friends came to visit me from the States. We went to Dublin (read about why you should visit here) first, and our next stop was Edinburgh. As soon as we landed, I could already tell that Scotland would capture my heart. Edinburgh is a … More Autumn in Edinburgh